We have always been a family of crafters and after a serious health scare this year we have decided to share our lovingly made products with the world. We love and make all things handmade from wooden cots to knitted scarves and everything in-between.

  • First up is David more commonly known as Grumpy, Daddy, Id or GOG (Grumpy Old Git) depending on who wants him and what they are wanting from him. David has been planning on opening a shop for over twenty years and now finally his dream is taking flight. He is our resident the wood man, taxi service and general dogs body. We are so lucky to have him.
  • Secondly is Carol more commonly known as Grandma or mum. Carol is the primary knitter of the family and has taught us all the craft skills we know. Not only has she made us all countless knitted clothes over the years but also made many beautiful products for the shop. Carol not only likes knitting and sewing but makes the best Sunday roast!
  • Next up is Sarah more commonly known as Mummy. Sarah is the driving force behind the whole project whilst signed off work due to an asthma attack she decided life was too short and that it was about time our lovely creations were available to all. The idea came to Sarah through making and selling her own products for the purpose of raising money for the charity McMillan’s, so far she has raised just over £3,000 and is still doing her charity work.
  • And last but certainly not least me! I’m Beth and although I don’t make as many products for the site as the others my way of contributing is through trying my best to manage the social media side. As well as this I am the families IT consultant, my favourite question was asked when I got a phone call on holiday… “Beth the telly has frozen and there are two lines in the corner what’s wrong with it?” – They had pressed the pause button on the Sky remote.

This is my family and we are proud to present our little company Crafty Sew and Saw.

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